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Rain Storm Caught Roofing Vendor By Surprise and Caused Water Damage

SERVPRO of Southwest Waukesha County gets called for many different types of water damage. Many people assume that we are ONLY called out by insurance agents a... READ MORE

Waukesha Home Experiences Water Damage From Slow Leak Behind Wash Machine

This water damage occurred in a laundry room of a Waukesha, WI home. There was a slow leak behind the discharge drain inside the wall. Due to the location, th... READ MORE

Water Floods Pewaukee Home

This Pewaukee, WI home experienced some flooding in the basement due to a burst water heater. They called SERVPRO of Southwest Waukesha County to do the mitiga... READ MORE

Home in Delafied Has Water Damage

A local home owner in Delafield, Wisconsin called SERVPRO of Southwest Waukesha County when her washing machine overflowed causing a flood in multiple rooms in ... READ MORE

Water Damage Can Be Mitigated With the Proper Drying Equipment

This Waukesha County business experienced water damage that, due to their delay in calling in a professional restoration company to help them, led to secondary ... READ MORE

Therapy Pool Pump Leak Causes Water Damage

This New Berlin, WI therapy clinic suffered water damage when the pump to the therapy pool in the adjacent room started leaking flooding the carpeted room next ... READ MORE

Mold Discovered in Genesee Home

This Town of Genesee homeowner called SERVPRO of SW Waukesha County when they noticed mold on the drywall of their basement near their crock and sump pump. On ... READ MORE

Biohazard Clean Up for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

A hunting accident in Horicon, WI led to SERVPRO of Southwest Waukesha County being called to clean and disinfect. A hunter that was accidentally shot during gu... READ MORE

Rain Water Causes Water Damage in Group Home

This group home in Waukesha, Wisconsin experienced water damage from heavy rains that came up through the basement foundation. They called SERVPRO of Southwest... READ MORE

Asbestos Insulation Found on Mechanicals Room Pipe in Brookfield, WI Commercial Property

This Brookfield, WI business suffered water damage when a water pipe broke flooding the floor. The water migrated through the floor and into the basement causi... READ MORE